About the Project

The Drinking Water Resilience Project (DRIP) is an interactive digital learning resource for students, teachers, and citizens.  The purpose is to increase knowledge of solutions that can enhance sustainable use of water to the benefit of communities, ecosystems, and economies. Visitors to the site can navigate through a variety of resources—videos, maps, illustrations, and content modules.
Principal Investigators:
Michele Drostin MS, Program Manager, UNC Institute for the Environment
Lucy Laffitte, MEd, PhD, Former Science Educator, UNC-TV

Subject Matter Expert/Co-Writer of Modules:
Eric McDuffie, MEM, C. W. Stanford Middle School Science Teacher

Kathleen Gray, MPH, Director of Environmental Resource Program, UNC Institute for the Environment
Dana Haine, MS, K-12 Science Education Manager, UNC Institute for the Environment

Animation: Heather Dollar, Broadcast Design Manager, UNC-TV

Geographic Information Scientist: Rajpreet Butalia, MEM, PhD Student

Illustrations: Emma Skurnick, Emma Skurnick Illustration 

Social Media Coordinator: Jen Jones, JD, Digital Media, UNC-TV

Video Production: Kelley McHenry, MA, Producer/Reporter for UNC-TV 

Digital Media: Web Design/Developer: Robert Watson, MPS, Web Master, UNC-TV

Funded by:
Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina System
North Carolina Sea Grant
Supporting Agencies:
Army Corps of Engineers, Falls Lake
USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center
NC DENR Water Resources
Triangle J Cog Water Resources Planning
Technical Experts:
Greg Characklis, PhD, Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Thomas Cuffney, PhD, Ecologist, Albemarle-Pamlico NAWQA, U.S. Geological Survey       
Dana Matics, MA, Park Ranger, Army Corps of Engineers
Mike Schlegel, MEM, Program Manager, Water Resources, Triangle J COG
Fred Tarver, PhD, Aquatic Ecology Unit, N.C. Department of Water Resources
Bryn Tracy, MS, Fisheries Biologist, N.C. Department of Water Resources
Melanie Williams, MEM, Basin Planner, N.C. Department of Water Resources
Teacher Consultants:
Debbie Bodolus, PhD, Science Educator, Mary E. Phillips High School
Kevin Lloyd, MAT, Jordan High School Science Teacher

Production Assistance:
Andrea Gabriel: editorial assistance
Frank Graph: narration
Elise Laffitte: data collection
Dan Lane: data collection
UNC-TV Director of Educational Services and Grants: Cathy Dobbins 
UNC-TV Director of Production: Galen Black
UNC-TV Director of Digital Media: David Huppert


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